Care-One Service Trips

Liam Henderson, Staff Writer

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Most people do not know about a service trip Oratory often runs to help those in need. This service trip, commonly called Care One, entails Oratory students making artwork with seniors at the Care One Rehabilitation Center in Livingston. The excursion lasts for no more than a few hours and gives the elders joy to brighten up their day. This event typically is after school and allows students to make a difference in others’ lives. The next scheduled Care One takes place on December 8 and is a fantastic chance to earn service hours and enjoy yourself at the same time. Mrs. Preston runs the trip and makes sure everybody has a great time. I went along on the previous trip that took place on October 27. The first thing you see when arriving is a magnificent building that seems to be larger than life. All residents treat you very respectfully, and we reciprocate. You do not have to be exceptional at art to go on this outing, rather you just need to be able to converse and show respect to those who deserve it. Many different people come to this event from the Rehabilitation Center, and, while there are some routinely there, others may new for the students. Here, they all must be treated with the same reverence. Most of them have lived very long lives and deserve to be treated as such. Care One presents a great opportunity for Oratory students to learn how life differs outside their immediate community and also add service hours to a life-changing experience.

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