St. Philip Neri Club’s November Collections


Luke Bernstein, Staff Writer

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the Saint Philip Neri Club has been hard at work making sure that as many people as possible have the means, positivity, and the items necessary for a delicious dinner and happy holiday. To make sure of this, three collections and fundraisers have been executed or planned to happen in November.  The first activity was a collection of unwanted Halloween candy for a charitable organization.  The next event to is a Halloween candy guessing game that every single student can participate in.  Finally, the Thanksgiving Food Drive will be taking place from November 14th to November 17th.

From November 1st to the 3rd, the Saint Philip Neri Club collected unwanted Halloween candy for the Apostles House in Newark.  This organization is a family shelter that houses displaced individuals in times of extreme need.  This collection was extremely successful, gathering over 4,000 pieces of candy to be donated to the children, parents, and staffers of the Apostles House.  On Wednesday, November 20th, OP students will have a chance to win a large jar of delicious candies.  These jars will be brought around during CWP, and, in order to guess, each student must pay $1.  All of the proceeds raised by this event will be used to support the Veterans Hospital in Lyons, NJ.  These proceeds will be turned into a moral improvement gift for the staffers of the Hospital and for their patients.

The last major collections for November is the Thanksgiving Food Drive.  The St. Philip Neri Club needs your help with this collection, asking that any canned goods or dry Thanksgiving goods be brought into Oratory from the 14th to the 17th of November.  Once these items have been collected, OP students going on the service trip to the Community Foodbank in Hillside will donate everything that has been collected to this fantastic organization. The Neri Club would like to thank everyone who has donated and the supporters of these terrific causes as without these generous souls, none of these collections and fundraisers would be so successful.

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