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2017-2018 Staff

Alexander Jansiewicz

Staff Writer

Ahoy there! I’m Alexander Jansiewicz, and I’m addicted to Fortnite. I’m in the Class of 2021, I enjoy making YouTube videos(on there, I’m AJDerpatron), I like flight simulation and race car simulation, I enjoy memes, ...

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Christopher Ocker

Staff Writer

I’m Christopher Ocker, Class of 2019 and video director for the Omega. I am a vocalist in Music Ministry, an organizer for Video Game Club, and a huge science and Math nerd. I love writing goofy articles as well as reviews for...

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Joey D'Angelo

Staff Contributor

I am Joey D’Angelo. I am 65, retired, and straight outta Italy. If you don't agree with me I'll make you an offer you can't refuse. I am a senior this year and am Captain of our Mock Trial team and editor of the Yearbook. I...

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Joseph Moran

Staff Contributor

I am from Harding Township, in New Vernon. I play baseball for Oratory and have been for the past five years. I fish in fresh and salt water, all around the world. I also hunt deer, turkey, pheasant, bear, and quail. I usually bow ...

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Corey Vita

Staff Contributor

Hey, this is Corey Vita. You should know me by now. I’m easy-going, dedicated, and just a nice guy. Come run for the cross country and track team because we need the bodies. Oh yeah, I’ve been at OP for a third of my life an...

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Jack Anderson

Staff Writer

My name is Jack Anderson. I have been writing for the Omega for one year now and have produced many articles in my time. I like politics, football, video games, and my school Oratory Prep. I started school here as a Freshman and a...

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Justin Susarchick

Staff Contributor

Hi my name is Justin Susarchick and I am in the class of 18’. I look forward to interviewing students and teachers. I am also the captain of the golf team and I participate in the art club, FED challenge, and investment club.

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John McCarthy

Staff Contributor

Hey, my name is John Thomas McCarthy and I am a current senior. I have a dog named Moose, and he is my best friend.  I enjoy writing articles about my favorite sports basketball and football, and especially the New York Giants ...

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Jonathan Misihowsky

Staff Contributor

Hello, my name is Jonathan Misihowsky, Class of 2018. I am part of the Cross Country and Track team here at Oratory. I am excited to share my thoughts on various school-related topics and current events.

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Joseph Budisak

Staff Contributor

Hi, my name Joseph Budisak and this is most definitely not Disney Channel. But I wish it was. Darn. Currently, I’m the president of the Photography club and VP of the National Art Honors Society here at OP. I have a lot of int...

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Andrew Killian

Staff Contributor

Hello, I’m Andrew Killian and I’m a part of the class of 2018. I’m also apart of Photography Club and I take many pictures of Oratory events. I hope that I can share my pictures with all. I am interested in participatin...

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Cam Semple

Staff Contributor

My name is Cam Semple and I am an energetic member of the 2018 graduating class. You can see me around school rocking some OP lax apparel or fixing my fresh lettuce atop my head. I enjoy playing lax on the weekend with my boys...

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Anthony Pergola

Staff Contributor

Hello, boys. The names Anthony Pergola and the game is working hard at OP.  I have a great personality and if you see me in the halls be sure to sauce me a bump of the fists. I like to do homework and study and I don’t play vi...

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Mathew Nelson

Staff Contributor

If you’re reading the Omega bios in general, wow that’s incredible.  Welcome, and my name is Mathew Nelson, and I am part of the class of 2018.  I am currently part of the yearbook and omega staff, as well as a big soccer ...

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Thomas Snyder

Staff Contributor

Hi meet to nice you, I’m Thomas Snyder. I’ve been at Oratory since 7th grade and still have a pair of Heelys. A wise person once told me the words I live by everyday: “You don’t need a license to drive a sandwich."...

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Christian Lofaro

Staff Contributor

Hi, I’m Christian Lofaro, and I’m a part of the class of 2018. Currently part of the art club, fitness club, and campus ministry. I’ll be publishing articles rarely but when I do they’ll probably be worth reading. If y...

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Joe Gaffney

Staff Contributor

Joe, Salty, Gaffney, Gaff, Joey Walnuts and many other names could be something you hear echoing through the hallways at Oratory Prep. Gaff is a senior at Oratory and part of the class of 2018. Joe was the first person in the class o...

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Ryan Sargenti

Staff Contributor

Hi, my name is Johnnie Sargenti and I am a part of the graduating class of 2018. I’ve been a lifer at Delbarton since 2012. During my time here, I have been a part of many clubs and sports including: Lacrosse, Rugby, Basketball, Ar...

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Nick Kardis

Staff Contributor

I am Nick Kardis, class of 2018. If I was to describe myself in three words they would be: Hard-working, Alpha Male, Jackhammer, Merciless, and Insatiable. I am the Varsity captain for the soccer team and I like long walks on t...

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Matthew Pavlik

Staff Contributor

Ahoy! I write articles rarely, but they’re probably good. If you are looking for me around school, I will be the tall and lanky kid with the dark hair and notably long nose. Sometimes, I walk around with a box of Cocoa Puff...

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Marshall Edwards

Staff Writer

Hi, I am Marshall Edwards and I am a part of the class of 2018. I mainly write tech stories for the Omega but sometimes I write about whatever interests me. Outside of school, I enjoy reading and listening to music. ...

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Daniel Guider

Staff Contributor

I’m Dan Guider, class of ‘18. Currently I play baseball and am in SEC, history club, speech and debate club, and filmmaking club. A jack of all trades, truly. I look forward to doing interviews with coaches, players, teachers...

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Carlo Zahl-Batlle

Staff Writer

My name is Carlo Zahl-Batlle. I am a member of the class of 2018. I mostly write for the Arts and Entertainment section of the Omega. I write a lot of about movies, television, comics, and whatever I’m assigned to do. In my spa...

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Mark Miyashiro

Staff Writer

Howdy. My name is Mark Miyashiro, and I am a senior here at Oratory Prep. I’ve been on the Omega Newspaper for 3 years along with SEC and Campus Ministry. I also play three sports: cross country, swimming, and lacrosse. I look ...

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Luke Bernstein

Staff Writer

Hi, My name is Luke Bernstein and I am a member of the Class of 2020.  I enjoy playing and watching many sports including soccer, swimming, and baseball. My favorite soccer team is Manchester City.  Here at Oratory, I am a member...

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Daniel Carvalheiro-Santos

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Daniel Carvalheiro-Santos and I am in the class of 2020. I am interested in writing political and historical articles, however, I can write about anything. On my leisure time, I enjoy traveling and touring d...

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John Lally

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is John Lally, or more commonly known as Lally. I am a member of the class of 2018 and I have been here since eighth grade. Here at Oratory I am involved in three sports, cross country, basketball, and baseball. I am ...

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Addison Drone


Hi. I am Addison Drone. Just your average class of 2018... short, small, etc. kid. I enjoy sports and puns and am supposed to be smart. As far as sports go, I play basketball and baseball and run cross country. My favorite sports...

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Joe Bozzella

Staff Writer

Hi, I am Joe Bozzella and I’m in the class of 2018. At Oratory, I am a member of the SEC and am excited to write for the Omega this year. Outside of school, I like to be sleeping, gaming, watching movies and tv, and also hanging...

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Nicholas Looney

Staff Writer

Nicholas Looney, or Nick, is a member of the class of 2020 at Oratory Prep. It is his second year at the school, and his second year on the Omega. He is very excited for both. Outside of school, Nick participates in swimming a...

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Joe Meade


Hi, my name is Joseph Meade and I am a staff writer on the Omega(this is my third year). I am usually called Joe, Joey, or Joe Meade. Last year, I wrote pieces on Michigan football and basketball, my personal experiences as a st...

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Will Logerfo


My name is William Logerfo. I am excited to continue on the staff as a sophomore and I look forward to sharing my thoughts on a slew of different topics, namely sports and current events. I plan on playing basketball and baseball...

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Justin Oei


Hi, my name’s Justin Oei. You might know me as the former ballboy for lower school soccer or that one kid who actually sings at Mass. I am a member of the Class of 2019 and have been on the Omega staff since seventh grade. I te...

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