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  • Freshman Cross Country Review

    Freshman Cross Country Review

    Connor McDermott, Staff Writer

    One of Oratory’s best attributes is its sports teams. When Coach McCrystal reached out to the incoming class to invite us onto the team I was immediately excited to join such a great team. I had thought about joining the cross country team before the invitation despite never running before, hearing a...

  • Oratory Prep Ping Pong League

    Oratory Prep Ping Pong League

    Sebastian Gould, Staff Writer

    The Oratory Prep Ping Pong League (OP3L) kicked off its season strong last Monday, pitting eight doubles teams against each other in a recreational league play. The teams will play each other in normal round-robin fashion for 21 games, and the team with the most wins will be crowned OP Ping Pong Champs....

    Sean “Shamu” Brennan practicing for the league.

    Photo Courtesy of Sebastian Gould

  • OP Swim Team Preview

    OP Swim Team Preview

    Kyle Roethlin, Staff Writer

    Believe it or not, another season of winter sports is upon us. All winter sports athletes at OP are ready for another successful season. The winter season is one of the best here at OP. The hockey team and basketball team have both produced noteworthy results in recent years, and the swim team has be...

  • OP XC Senior Reflection

    OP XC Senior Reflection

    Joseph Meade, Staff Writer

    On Saturday, an era will come to an end for Oratory Cross Country. This era involved the Class of 2019’s runners and their contributions to the program. If I listed every single accomplishment to which they contributed, we would be here all day long. Instead, I decided to summarize them. The Class of...

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