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  • Seniors Speak: College Admissions

    Seniors Speak: College Admissions

    Justin Oei, Staff Writer

    The end of December into the beginning of January is a time when seniors who applied early action or early decision to a college anxiously await their admissions decisions. (For those underclassmen unsure about the college admissions lingo, early action is a non-binding admission plan where you are fr...

    Seniors Chris Uustal and Justin Oei celebrate their admission into the colleges of their choice.

    Image Courtesy of Justin Oei

  • Shaping Future Leaders: Shaun Derik Holds Workshop at OP

    Shaping Future Leaders: Shaun Derik Holds Workshop at OP

    James Kim, Staff Writer

    This past Wednesday, many students at Oratory had the privilege of learning from Shaun Derik, a motivational speaker who encourages people across the nation to pursue their goals and establish a healthy lifestyle. Throughout the day, many individuals participated in workshops where Shaun emphasized the aspe...

    Shaun Derik

  • An Interview with OP Alumnus Mark Miyashiro

    An Interview with OP Alumnus Mark Miyashiro

    Jonathan deMontagnac, Staff Writer

    In this interview, we catch up with Mark Miyashiro who graduated from Oratory last year and now attends The University of Notre Dame. During his time at Oratory, Mark was very busy within the school by participating in many of the clubs and sports that the school has to offer. He was part of the Omega...

  • OP Puck Home Opener

    OP Puck Home Opener

    Logan Drone, Staff Writer

    On Friday night, the Oratory Varsity hockey team, also known as “OP Puck”, faced off against Verona Glen Ridge for Oratory’s home opener in Union. That night, a record crowd showed up to support the team, with roughly more than 50 kids to cheer on their fellow Rams. The game began with the puck dr...

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