Breast Cancer Wristband Sale

Liam Henderson, Staff Writer

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Everyone knows October for Halloween. However, many people forget that October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month. Here, at Oratory, we know that this month presents a perfect time to help others who have been or currently are in need. There are many others like us around the United States to remind people this cause. Professional sports, primarily football, promote awareness by wearing pink clothing like socks, gloves, and sweatbands.

Therefore, at Oratory, we are going to be selling custom made wristbands with the OP logo and the acronym B.A.M. This stands for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it allows people to know that we support those who have suffered. These wristbands will be sold every day during Spirit Week which is from October 10 to October 13. These bands can be found in the Bain lobby and the DaGaeta cafeteria before and after school as well as during CWP. Please encourage anybody you know to buy one if they are able to. The cost is just two dollars and all of the proceeds go to Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. If you want to donate more to an inspiring cause, it is very much welcome. With every donation, there is the possibility of another life being positively affected.  

Photo Credit: Remmy Medical Group