Sudan’s Water Crisis


Cole Noss, Staff Writer

Sudan is currently undergoing a water dilemma. As defined by the United Nations Environment Program, they are under a critical case of water stress. Currently, 2% of any water available can be used for domestic use and the other 98% must be used towards cultivating land as with lack of water the land returns to its arid environment causing intense desertification.

Most women and children must walk miles a day to a distant water source, one of which is a bank of the Nile River. Unrestricted access to this has angered nearby countries like Egypt and Ethiopia. That has made many people seek other sources such as standing ponds, which can cause disease and ultimately destroy villages.

Currently, the Saint Philip Neri Club is collecting money going towards well building in these desolate areas. Much available water is underground and could be accessed with a well. To raise awareness, the club will be sponsoring daily water facts during lent on the announcements and plans on giving all proceeds to this cause on World Water Day.

So, if you see the St. Philip Neri Club selling water bottles or collecting money, know that it is a great cause and is helping those who are in dire need.

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