St. Philip Neri Club Update


Luke Bernstein, Staff Writer

As the school year begins to wind down, the St. Philip Neri Club is continuing their ferocious work throughout school and the world to make their surroundings even better. There are two initiatives the club is currently perpetuating as well as one service drive. These include a global water initiative, the selling of fair trade chocolate bars, and a collection of used sports equipment.  

To raise awareness for the dire lack of water in most African countries and most significantly in Sudan, the St. Philip Neri Club has partnered with Catholic Relief Services to gather money to help solve this pressing issue. Many members of the club have been around school during the past few weeks and months selling water bottles for $1 or a donation of more. In total, over $100 in water sales has been raised to support CRS efforts in Africa. The goal of this initiative was to raise $1,300 to build a water gathering station, but the portion of this we have gathered will go a long way to accomplishing this goal. The St. Philip Neri Club has also been selling chocolate bars to raise awareness for fair trade practices throughout the world. In total, over $400 worth of chocolate bars was raised for CRS. Thank you everyone for your generous support to these deserving organizations.

Finally, From April 16th to the 24th, a used sports equipment drive will run with collection points in the Bain lobby. All different types of items will be collected including Used Golf Clubs, Ice Skates, Roller Blades, Skis, Tennis Rackets, and all types of sporting goods such as bats, gloves, and athletic shoes. These items will then be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern NJ for distribution throughout the state. The goal of this drive is to give children the means and opportunity to engage in sporting activities they would otherwise never be able to experience. More details regarding this drive and other St. Philip Neri Club initiatives will be shared at the OP men in action assembly on Friday, April 13th.

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