Revisiting Revenant

Over 40 days have passed since season 4 of Apex Legends has dropped, giving plenty of time for players to learn and understand Revenant, the synthetic nightmare. At first impression, many streamers and players were shocked at the dark turn Respawn took to introduce Revenant in the story animation. Most of the animations for prior seasons featured an octane-filled, light-hearted story to introduce the next season’s contents and lore, while Season 4 was introduced with Revenant’s sheer bloodlust as he wipes out an entire floor of rich people. Shroud, one of Mixer’s most popular streamers, even said, “that was a lot darker than I was expecting, Jesus!” Under all this hype, however, Revenant wasn’t all he claimed to be. Despite all the good hype, Revenant turned out to be a horrible legend due to his faulty totem and his faulty tactical ability. 

His totem, to begin with, never did a proper job of providing any squad the power they needed. As promised, the death totem would allow a “second life,” giving people the chance to teleport back to the totem once their health as a shadow was depleted. The only problem? As soon as you teleported back, you still had your health lost. Not to mention, you can barely get off much damage in this form, and you end up healing more than fighting. If the totem allowed you to have 50% health when you teleport back, it’d be infinitely better, as squads will have significantly extra health to fight a squad.

His ability is also horrible. While it is a neat concept to stop other legends from being able to use their abilities, the effecting area of his ability-removing ball is very small, and you have to walk through the pulsing orbit created in order to have your abilities locked. Thus, you have to be able to corner a squad effectively (very hard to do) or have god-tier aim. Even then, you’d probably only get one person and will have to wait 20-30 seconds for the ability to refresh. 

Overall, Revenant needs a buff. He’s a great legend with a great backstory, but he falls extremely short when it comes to his abilities. However, he did live up to some of the hype through his passive: being able to climb up walls and buildings far higher, as well as crouching faster makes him viable in getaways and squad-pushing. Through these abilities that directly rival Pathfinder’s grapple, Revenant can easily push a squad unexpectedly and deal serious damage. Other than that, RESPAWN, PLEASE GIVE REVENANT A BUFF.