To the Upcoming Senior Body…


Alexander Jansiewicz, Senior Staff Writer

Dear Class of 2022,

Congratulations guys! As of April 22, 2020, you guys will officially be the new Seniors of OP! I bet the feeling is insane: finally being in the position of the previous guys who you might’ve looked up to. And then there’s the privileges! Being able to walk through the front doors of Bain, the Senior Lounge, having a dedicated cafeteria line, the Senior Project, and most of all, getting out of each school day(and the school year) earlier than everyone else! Besides the benefits, however, there are some extremely important pieces of advice that I have to share with you all, especially considering college is right around the corner.

First off, take the time to do your college research and crank your applications out as soon as possible. The sooner you can get your applications and supplementals done, the better. It will be INFINITELY easier for you in the long run and it’ll give you an improved sense of inner peace knowing you finished earlier than you needed to. To follow up on that, take the time to do scholarship research and apply to as many as you can. College is expensive, and any source of extra aid will always help. 

Second, don’t let Senioritis get the best of you, no matter how difficult it may be. As much as you’d want the year to be over, getting all the work done will feel super satisfying and will help you grade-wise in the long run. 

Third, always make sure you spend time for yourself. Taking AP classes and doing extra-curricular activities is always a great thing, but stressing yourself out could potentially be an unintended side effect; always spend at least an hour and more playing video games, spending time with family and friends, and even more. This year, especially, has proved that spending free time to yourself has been more important than ever. 

I hope you guys have an amazing Senior year as you enter into next year, and that everything goes smoothly for you! You guys have only one more year left, you got this! I wish you all the best and so much more!

Signing off for the last time,

AJ, Class of 2021