Why Spring Break Should Be More Of A Break


Image Courtesy of: https://www.istockphoto.com/search/2/image?phrase=spring+break

Alexander Jansiewicz, Staff Writer

Very recently, OP has been graced with a very generous 9-day break for the middle of March. It was good to experience a long break from the stresses of COVID-19 hindered school, especially since the last long break we had was during Christmas. Now, of course, the important question remains: what did I do during this break? Nothing important. I spent a lot of time on hobbies I find extremely relaxing, like video editing, competitive gaming, graphic design, etc. I even set a goal for myself to try to finish one specific video I had been working on for a while. Needless to say, I was able to finish as much as I wanted and could, and felt good about myself for doing such a thing. Especially considering how it takes me a long time to edit videos in the specific niche I engage in, reaching that goal felt very relieving. Then, Sunday arrived. I checked to see what was due on NetClassroom. A project and a test later in the week: ok, seems fine! One short project due on Tuesday: fair enough, it’s not that bad of a project to work on. A motherload of assignments for two specific classes due on Monday and Tuesday: wait, what? Now, the end of my spring break culminated in me wondering how I would finish these assignments over the span of two days. As I write this article, I’m even trying to simultaneously plan out how I’m going to do the motherlode of assignments. This is where the crux of my rant lies. 

I completely understand having to assign some work due after a break in order to freshen up knowledge and keep things at the very least semi-active. Most students(assuming they start the work the day or the second day before) will be able to get it done with no problem. Students are going to be focusing more on their time off as they go through break than they will with assignments that are due after break. Doing so removes a lot of the stress that a day-to-day school routine may provide and lets the students have a mental reset. Having tons of assignments takes this focus away and instead makes the students focus more on getting work done when they could be having fun. After all, it’s a break, is it not?

End rant.