Quibi: A Video Service That’s Not Far-Fetched


Image Courtesy of techcrunch.com

In recent news, a new video-streaming service called Quibi launched. You may have seen their commercials in which a character (the US president, Indiana Jones, or someone else) finds themselves in danger, and that they only have a “Quibi” or two until they’ve met their doom. This advertising scheme is clever, emphasizing the somewhat new feature of shows with 10-minute episodes. Yet this service isn’t too far fetched—other TV channels and streaming services have already been doing this. Although their quick method does allow fast people to watch their shows in a hurry, their quick show service isn’t a new invention.

As a child, you might remember watching TV-channels like Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network, maybe even the Hub or Discovery Family. Those channels have also long-implemented such strategies for kids, especially youngsters who are on the go with activities, hobbies, or sports. Thus, such shows such as Adventure Time, Spongebob Squarepants, We Bare Bears, and Regular Show have episodes running for only 10 minutes long so as not to bore their audience and provide quick, yet fun-packed entertainment. Such purpose grants those shows a wide audience, considering many people would be able to watch a 10-minute episode easier than a full 20-minute or 30-minute episode, which would require more devotion.

Although Quibi’s service isn’t far-fetched, it’s still extremely cool to see how this service might play out. Compared to Netflix and Hulu, it might be able to compete as more people will have the time to watch its lineup of shows. Hopefully, the cost will be justifiable, though, as that will determine whether x amount of people sign up to Quibi. At least their marketing is spot-on though; I can’t remember how many times I’ve laughed at their silly, exaggerated commercials about how you have two or three “Quibis” tops before impending doom.