World Cup Rankings: Where Every Team Falls after Two Games

(From Best to Worst)

France- Punching their ticket into the round of 16 and beating the World Cup curse (the last team that wins loses in the group stage) is impressive in itself. With 5 players out France has dug deep and their roster has pulled through. Scoring 6 goals over two games their attack looks dangerous. Their defense seems to lack but they can score enough to out any opponent. (bonus points for the Saliba chant even if he doesn’t play)

Brazil- following in France’s footsteps, heavy favorites Brazil have punched their ticket into the round of 16. Neymar may be out but Brazil has such a deep roster that it doesn’t even matter. Richarlison without a doubt looks like one of the best strikers at the cup(he definitely scored the goal of the tournament)

Portugal- the third team to punch a ticket into the round of 16 Portugal simply outplayed both Ghana and Uruguay. Portugal has a great attack with Bruno Fernandes and Ronaldo having fantastic chemistry. Their Goalie got a stern talking-to after the Ghana game and vowed to never let that happen again.

Spain- Spain didn’t look like they were going to be impressive, leaning with a more youthful squad, and leaving legends like Sergio Ramos and De Gea at home. Their 7-0 rout over Costa Rica sure proved us otherwise!

England- England routed Iran 6-2 and were playing lights out. Against America it was a different story — their attack and defense were lackluster. They still remain a heavy favorite and are in a great position to advance to the round of 16 (bonus points for Dave and Stormzy).

Netherlands- Cody Gakpo has been on fire this tournament with a goal in each game played. They sit on top of their group and with a win against Qatar (basically guaranteed) they will qualify for the round of sixteen.

Croatia- I’m going, to be honest, and say that I didn’t think Croatia still had this in them. But after taking 4 points from a possible 6, Croatia is performing very well so far. Is there another World Cup final in the near future?

Ecuador- Another surprise on this list. Ecuador outplayed Qatar(not that hard, a team of 2-year-olds could beat them) but they stayed head-to-head with the Netherlands and should have won but Valencia’s first goal was offside. They must win against Senegal (Enner Valencia is him).

Morocco- one of the biggest surprises in the ranking is morocco. They drew against Croatia and played extremely well. In their second game, they dismantled world number 2 ranked Belgium. Their last match is against Canada.

Poland- Poland drew against Mexico and beat Saudi Arabia 2-0. Lewandowski finally scored in the World Cup. They currently sit top of the group (bonus points for that Lil yachty song, I took the woooooooooooooooook to POLAND) .

Argentina- Things looked frightening for the Argentinian National team after a loss in their opening game against Saudi Arabia. They got back to their senses with a big victory against Mexico. Messi’s magic will need to continue to be at full flow in order for them to keep making noise.

Japan- Japan would’ve been much higher on this list had they not lost to Costa Rica 1-0. But an impressive victory against Germany still sees them very high up on the rankings.

Australia- What a start for the Aussies so far. In their first match, they had people seriously believing that they could take down France. Although this didn’t happen, a big victory against Tunisia has showcased to us that they are a team that shouldn’t be taken too lightly.

Senegal- Take a bow Senegal. Without their talisman in Sadio Mané, Senegal was still able to qualify for the round of 16 with big victories against Qatar and Ecuador.

Switzerland- Switzerland have gone very under the radar, but they’ve been very good at the World Cup. A very good win against Cameroon, as well as challenging Brazil, sees the national team as one of the best performers so far.

United States- Exciting football. Two words have described United States’ games during the World Cup. With two draws to Wales and England, and a win against Iran, the U.S. remain deservedly undefeated at the World Cup.

Saudi Arabia- Saudi Arabia pulls ahead of some of these teams for one reason, they simply outsmarted Argentina with a 5-back lineup not allowing Messi to find open space. They did fall back to earth against Poland but still have a good chance to qualify if they play their cards right against Mexico.

Ghana- they might have lost to Portugal in their first game, but they fought all the way through and kept it close. With the lessons learned from this match, they were able to pull out in a close game with South Korea and win 3-2. Ghana must now face Uruguay in the most anticipated revenge game of the tournament. 

Mexico- Mexico had a solid performance against Poland, Memo Ochoa showed the world once again why he’s the best goalkeeper at the world cup. Against Argentina they elected to play 5 back but let Argentina take the lead, they played too aggressively. 

Iran- a lot of teams ranked in this area have a win and a draw or a win and a loss. Iran might have lost their first game by 4 goals, but they made up for it against Wales and upset them. They have a chance to advance (they ran away from that opportunity, captain America>>>>>).

Wales- I think many people were expecting better from Wales. Disappointing performances against the U.S., Iran, and England see them bow out of the World Cup without a memorable moment aside from a penalty from Gareth Bale.

Denmark- for a team with hopes of making it deep into the tournament, an early exit would be nothing but disappointing. They made it to the euro semi-finals, and now they find themselves with 1 point and little hope in the group. They must beat Australia to have a chance to advance.

Costa Rica- even though they have 3 points more than Wales, Mexico and Tunisia, this team has looked terrible. Conceding 7 goals and having zero shots is not a way to win. With the way they are playing they don’t deserve to be in the Cup.

Cameroon- they lost their first game to Switzerland 1-0. Against Serbia, they drew 3-3 (they get bonus points for having the most exciting game of the tournament).

The Serbia-same thing where they lost to Brazil and drew with Cameroon (again they get bonus points for the match).

Germany- It’s only the second World Cup since Germany won it, but they look like the shell of the team that won it. A disappointing defeat against Japan saw many riddles away their hopes of winning this year. They had a redemption draw against Spain though, but it’s still not Germany at their best (P.S. Musiala is HIM! Bro is literally carrying Germany on his back).

Belgium- coming into the tournament Belgium was heavy favorites. De Bruyne was missing passes in both games and the team looked sloppy. They were able to defeat Canada but the win was not convincing. Following the slow start, Belgium got destroyed by Morocco. Belgium enter the last game with a must-win scenario against Croatia (based on how they played it’s highly likely that they don’t win).

Uruguay- for a team of their caliber winning multiple World Cups, this campaign has been a disappointment. Sitting bottom of their group going into a must-win final match. Suarez and Cavani aren’t the goal-scoring machines they used to be, and that’s really hurting them here.

Tunisia- there have been a lot of surprises at this world cup, Tunisia being in the bottom four is not a surprise. They didn’t play well against Denmark or Australia. They did manage to beat France’s C team. They closed the campaign without qualifying. (some small bonus points for beating Frances c team in the final game).

South Korea- a disappointing start to their campaign tying their game against Uruguay and losing to Ghana. The highlight of this disappointing campaign is either Son’s mask or the Spanish announcer announcing their roster. They must win against Portugal which seems highly unlikely. 

Canada- Canada had high hopes coming into the world cup, with a young exciting team hopeful to prove the world wrong. This team clicked against Belgium but couldn’t find the net. They did score against Croatia but their defense wasn’t able to stop Croatia from scoring.

Qatar- Every World Cup we expect something special out of the host nation, considering that they have their country behind them the whole way. Qatar offered nothing special though, playing boring, unimaginative football, and losing all their games as a result.