Basketball Season Kick-Off: What to Expect From Returning Varsity Players


Image courtesy of Robert Grasso

Matthew Sturchio, Staff Writer

With Tryouts underway, there are some familiar faces returning to the court. These returning players are all bringing a lot to the table. We’ll look to see how this versatile team is able to face off against some tough competition this year, being that the hoops team was moved to the top division in the county.  The 2022-23 Rams team belongs in this division, and are led by these experienced, returning varsity players:

Will Olohan- Will has been in the lab this year. He’s ready for a starting position, even though he came off the bench last year. Will’s goofy personality and sniper qualities will help this team to win. 

Greg Jones- A Star athlete, Greg Jones is returning with enormous expectations. Coming back from an incredible season last year in which he scored 15 points or more on 10 separate occasions, we have faith that Greg can even surpass what he’s already done for OP. 

Mike Pirone- I know the OP coaches are ecstatic to have this star returning. Pirone led the team in points and steals last season and will be a difference-maker when it comes to big games. The senior guard averaged 17 points last year to pair with his 64 total steals.

Patrick Conniff/John Pirone – Being swing players between JV and Varsity last year, these two players will look to make an impact. With last’s top rebounder out of the picture (Tommy Conniff), their combination of strength and size will need to be utilized on the glass. This year the team has many returning guards, but in graduating both starting big men, the Rams will need a powerful rebounder who can crash the boards in big spots. We’ll see how these two are able to fit into this role. 

Asher Bradley- Asher is coming off a huge year as a freshman, and has unlimited potential. He’s already gotten his first D1 offer and we know there are even bigger things from him to come. I can’t wait to see what he can do this year and beyond. The freshman guard averaged 7.6 points a game last year, while his crafty playmaking was essential to the Conference Championship Rams high powered offense.