An Interview with Coach Blauner


Matthew Sturchio, Staff Writer

With a new season on the rise and a new coach in the dugout, Coach Blauner has a fresh start with his new varsity team. Today, I asked him a few questions about his expectations and mindset for his team. Here they are: 

  1. Do you feel the team is prepared for the season? 
    1. Heck yeah, we’re more than prepared to enter the season. 
  2. How would you describe your style of coaching? 
    1. I would say I’m very demanding, I’m loyal to my guys, and I need my players to give everything they got. 
  3. What are your expectations for the season? 
    1. I don’t have win or losses expectations, but I know my expectations are that every player needs to play hard and give 100%. 
  4. What changes are you looking to make to your new team? 
    1. I want to change the team culture, I want a winning culture and a winning mindset. 
  5. Where do you see this team in 4 years? 
    1. I hope it doesn’t take that long, but we should hopefully win our 1st County Championship in close to 100 years. 

Today, we play Westfield away, this game will set the stage for the rest of the season by how hard we play. I can’t wait to see what Coach Blauner has in store for this new team. I look forward to seeing him in full stride throughout the season.