An Interview with Rising Freshmen Golf Star Henry Bolster

George Fagan, Staff Writer

Since spring has started it means that spring sports season has begun. The baseball and track teams have looked very promising so far, but one that looks very promising is the golf team. Mr. McGowan has always been getting kids to try to play golf and has been very successful in his tenure with the team. Now, Mr. Lueck takes over the day to day operations as coach. This year, one member out of the class of 2025 is maybe one of the best on their team: Henry Bolster. Bolster is only 15 years and a few weeks old and has already taken down many members of the graduating class of 1997. His drives go far, his short game is unbeatable, and his work on the green is the best and most important. I got a chance to meet up with him and ask the rising phenom some questions.

After a successful season last year, how do you feel coming into this one?

“I feel like we have a good squad that can do some damage — I am feeling amazing, we all have potential, and I feel like I can have a good year and be on a different level.”

After being out for the first few times in a while, how is your game?

“My game has been looking good and I have been hitting the ball really well and have been playing great?”

How will you prepare for this season?

“I have to grind, be focused, and try my very best to contribute to the team.”

What golf ball is your favorite to play with?

“I definitely want to try to play with Pro V 1’s most of the time due to it being my lucky ball.”

So, overall, you are excited for the season?

“I am very, and am excited to get closer to new people and experience a whole new level of golf.”