Lacrosse Overview This Week

Mosopefoluwa Opeyemi-Ajayi, Staff Writer

The lacrosse season has been going on for a couple of weeks now and the competition is starting to heat up. The Oratory JV team has been killing it so far, having a 4-2 record. The two games this past week were against Johnson and Cranford. While Varsity has also played this week, they get a lot more attention compared to the JV team, so in this article, I want to show JV some love.

The Johnson game was a spectacular win for Oratory. We played hard all game and won with a final score of 12-0. Our offense scored time and again dancing circles around the opposing defense. Our defense and goalie helped keep the game a shutout by locking down the opposing offense and midfielders. Our first and second midfielder lines also helped on both offense and defense by helping call plays and convey strategies. 

Luckily my fellow second offense players and I were able to go on as we hadn’t been able to see any action. The third midfielder line also got in. I did well by getting balls out of the opponent’s sticks, and my teammate (Ben Warga) on my second offense line was able to get one of the loose balls I checked and score a buzzer-beater. There was a ton of celebration afterward, me for my unofficial assist and Ben for being the MVP of the game.

After the Johnson game morale was high. We were expecting another win against Cranford, however, we were sorely mistaken. We had a terrible showing, with the score at the end being 8-1. The only goal came from Colin Beard in the first quarter. After that, we never scored again due to their strong defense and very good goalie and face-off player. Next game we hope to come out strong and win with pride.