An Interview with Father Scott

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Anthony Millan, Staff Writer

For those who didn’t get to meet him, Father Scott worked at our school as a priest for 2 years, starting during my freshman year, and leaving last year. He became an icon of the school in record time and was the staple of a club that a few friends and I used to be in, Father Scott Club. The whole point was we would go to him every CWP and just talk about anything. He left the school last year, but I decided I wanted to check in on him since he moved back to Rhode Island.

  1. How is it being back in Rhode Island?
    1. I grew up right around the corner from where the university is, so it was like being back home, and It’s nice being back. 
  2. Do you like it better at that school rather than oratory?
    1. I love what I‘m doing now, that’s for sure, but I haven’t started teaching yet so I can’t wait to start teaching next quarter.
  3. What are the main differences between that school and oratory?
    1. I don’t teach, so that’s a big difference, and I work a lot more with clubs, so it’s like a trade-off.
  4. Which school’s students do you like more?
    1. Easily Oratory students, they’re so much more fun than these guys, they’re all in college, so they’re all serious. 
  5. Which teacher do you miss the most? 
    1.  I would say I miss Mr. Gaertner the most, we had a lot of fun together, but I also miss Mrs. Michalski, because we used to laugh over different things during school.
  6. Who do you still talk to?
    1. I still talk to Mrs. Cortelezzi and we send each other Netflix suggestions. Sometimes Mr. Campobello calls me and keeps tabs on you guys (Father Scott Club).
  7. When are you gonna come visit us?
    1.  When Corona leaves, I can come to visit. I tried to earlier in the year, but you guys aren’t allowing any visitors, because of the virus.
  8. What’s your fondest memory of oratory?
    1. My favorite memory of the two years I had there would have to be when Mrs. Michalski’s room came into my classroom and started singing Only Jesus, and they wouldn’t leave. That and having the rap I did with George Castro and Del Sol for the talent show, and even though my mic didn’t work it was a really fun time.
  9. Lastly, any advice for new teachers, since you were one not long ago?
    1. Tell them to make sure that they take the cool kids under their wings, and let the Omega know I’m referring to you, Adam, and Angus.