Spectacular Spooky Stories

On today’s installment of Spectacular Spooky Stories, we cover the Devil’s Tramping Ground. This little place in Bear Creek, North Carolina is home to lore and dangers unknown to many who cross it. Pictured here, it just looks like a clearing in the woods, but it is strangely devoid of vegetation. Here the Devil is spoken of rising up from hell itself and “tramping” about the earthly world.

Despite these local legends, daredevils, scientists, and ghost enthusiasts alike have all tried to uncover the secret of these grounds. Teens have tried to spend the night, only to feel uneasy and back out. Someone not afraid even set up a tent to camp there with two dogs in order to prove it false. The dogs whimpered and the man found his tent moved outside of the circle. Any belongings left inside were found violently thrown away upon return.

Now for you non-believers, you may chalk it up to bad dirt. But scientists and farmers alike have tried to grow crops but to no avail. The soil showed no lethal quantities of copper, salt, or potassium. In fact, due to fires that had been lit the soil was more fertile than soil outside the ring. So what reason is there for this scientific conundrum? I’m afraid… only the devil knows.

That’s it for this week of Spectacular Spooky Stories. Stay tuned, and stay spooked.