Spring Sports Sojourn to Florida

Spring Sports Sojourn to Florida

Jonathan deMontagnac and Logan Drone

Every other year, the baseball and lacrosse team travel down to Florida for a week of training. The time spent in Florida serves as a bonding experience away from the scrutiny of parents as well as an opportunity for the coaches to get a better feel of where the players stand for the upcoming season.

This year, the Florida trip will be different for the lacrosse team. This is because two years ago, the lacrosse team stayed and played at a Disney resort and were able to enjoy the parks in their free time. This year, the lacrosse team will be traveling to a Universal resort and scrimmaging teams from all around the country. Even though the current schedule is not released, it will most likely be very similar; with one or two practices a day followed by a scrimmage and downtime at the park. Usually, this trip is reserved for upperclassmen only, but due to extreme talent within the younger grades, the team will be bringing along those who have a shot at playing varsity this season.

On the baseball side of things, the OP Baseball team will also be staying at a Universal Resort in Orlando, Florida. The team travels on Saturday, March 14th, the first day of Spring Break, and comes back on Thursday, March 19th. While in Florida, the baseball team will be competing in a preseason tournament with schools from all over the country, some schools possibly as far away as California. Although the team does not know the game schedule yet, it is to be expected that OP Baseball squad plays doubleheaders on Monday and Tuesday for the tournament, with a day of practice and scrimmages on the Sunday before and the Wednesday after. The other two days of the trip are rest days for the squad, where the team will be traveling and resting going to Florida and coming home from the trip.

While not on the dirt and turf fields, both the baseball and lacrosse teams will be participating in team-building exercises. The coaches of both teams have planned a week full of games, fun activities, and great food, something that every kid is sure to enjoy. Be sure to stay up-to-date with the lacrosse and baseball program over the next couple of weeks, as both squads look to make a run at a conference championship for the school.