The 5 Greatest Albums of All Time (HEAVILY BIASED)

The 5 Greatest Albums of All Time (HEAVILY BIASED)

#5: Beneath the Remains by Sepultura

The only thrash metal record to even come close to basking in the glory of Reign in Blood. This album is the only other thrash album that I truly believe does not have a single bad song; in fact, I’d rate every single song 8-10/10. The album is so fast, and the riffs are so catchy. Sadly, Sepultura did not stay on this track and became a lame modern hardcore band, but it does not overshadow the beauty of this album and other works they have done. 


#4: Scream Bloody Gore by Death

It’s the first true death metal album… of course, I love it. Historically, in my opinion, it is one of the most important albums in all of heavy metal (right behind Hell Awaits by Slayer) because it set the stage for what many death metal bands aspired to be. Not only is it a breakthrough in metal, but the songs are also great themselves, and it is by far the heaviest album of its time. I love to wear the band’s t-shirt because this is truly one of the best albums of all time. 


#3: Tomb of the Mutilated by Cannibal Corpse

The album is what got me into the ridiculously extreme aspect of death metal. At first, the inhuman guttural vocals on display by Chris Barnes (still considered one the best in the death metal industry) did not appeal to me. But one day it all clicked, and this is one of three albums that changed my life forever. The song titles were disturbing, the album cover was the most gruesome piece of artwork I had ever seen, and the music was the heaviest thing I had ever heard. This album is the reason why I love death metal today. 


#2: Effigy of the Forgotten by Suffocation

This is the heaviest album of all time. The guitar tone is the perfect death metal guitar tone (Ampeg VH140C with Celestion G12K-85 Watt Speakers → my Christmas gift). The vocals by Frank Mullen are my favorite death metal vocals ever. Most importantly, this album gave birth to the “slam riff,” which is the best type of riff… chugga chugga choo choo! This album is the first brutal death metal album, and for good reason, because not a single album has topped its heaviness (although some have come close). Everything about this album is perfect… however, Reign in Blood by Slayer exists…


#1: Reign in Blood by Slayer

I just want to scream Slayer right now… There is no intro song better than Angel of Death (which is the greatest song of all times), and there is no better collection of riffs in an album than this album. Clocking in at just 28 minutes, all 28 minutes are there with a purpose. There is not a single filler song in the entire album. Every song meshes in together perfectly, with Altar of Sacrifice and Jesus Saves having a purposeful transition between the two songs. Raining Blood, Slayer’s most famous for a good reason is found in this album. Postmortem is another Slayer classic and was butchered by myself at the Talent Show this year… It’s the greatest album ever created, and nothing will ever top it. It is also THE album that got me into more extreme metal and was my gateway into the neverending wormhole of underground genres of metal.