Top 10 Memes of 2019

Top 10 Memes of 2019

Cole Noss, Staff Writer

Alrighty then, ladies and gentlemen, buckle up and get ready for the top 10 memes of 2019. Keep in mind, this is my own low-quality watch mojo special, so I will not take constructive criticism.


  1. Starting off with a classic text post, we have the “no one” memes. This meme asks for no opinion and then just drops an outlandish and usually unpopular opinion.
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  1. With the swell water bottles and stylish yoga pants, VSCO girls dominated culture well into the fall. Everything from Halloween costumes to your grandma’s facebook had suggestions of these pics.
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  1. Weaseling his way into this list, “Powerful Shaggy” dominated the gaming culture for a solid month. Petitioning even up to the head of EA, asking to add him to Mortal Kombat. Newly created excerpts from the old movie details the power of the Shaggy costume and its effects on the cast; Daphine (Sarah Michelle Gellar) reported not even remembering filming and felt the spirit of Shaggy flow through her.
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  1. Cats was the visual classic of the year. Get Avengers, Rise of the Skywalker, and Joker out of here, Cats takes the slot of movie meme of the year. From the elegant design of the characters to the in-between-the-lines writing, this movie provides meme after meme after meme of easy to make fun of scenes.
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  1. A story of two adversaries, locked in endless combat. There has been artwork, comic books, poems and other countless works showing the adventure of this woman with tears in her eyes, supported by a friend and staring at a cat, eating food, with the smuggest grin you’ve ever seen.


  1. Tik Tok, the Chinese owned video-sharing app, took over the media during the last couple months. Everything from exposing the way Starbucks makes their frozen mac and cheese to being outright banned in the military due to safety concerns, teen girls doing dances, cops being played, and practical jokes, Tic Tok has literally everything and has taken over the hole that Vine left in our hearts.
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  1. As a famous artist Jeremy Zucker once said, “talk is overrated let’s just vibe.” This term vibe, is short for vibrations or just the overall aura another person gives off. To “vibe check” someone has become an integral part of determining whether someone is a good person to be around or not. The act of checking vibes can be attributed to the Beach Boys in their song “Good Vibration.”
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  1. The sheer quantity of people that signed up to join Area 51 caused an Omega level threat for the US Military. Requests were sent asking not to storm, soldiers were briefed on defensive strategies, generals were taught how to Naruto run, and in the end, thousands showed up to mill around, party, and keep the meme alive. 
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  1. With Disney driving more and more ads to get people to subscribe to their Disney+, I personally believe this meme was fabricated in order to drum up support for it. Nevertheless, this cute frog-eating rat charmed the hearts of teen girls across the nation. Shoutout to the stormtrooper for punching this thing as beating the family favorite only made him even more popular. 
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  1. The name of name, the insults of insults. The threat of being called a boomer is too much for sum and this word almost caused the downfall of social order. It got so bad that employee rights were called in to protect those based on age, and even again a New Zealand parliament member shut an older colleague down when he tried interrupting her, saying “ok, boomer” much to the roar of the crowd.
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