The Exorcism of Justin the Wise

Christopher McAllister, Staff Writer

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Justin Oei’s ghost haunts the Oratory halls to the point where he still writes Omega articles (for real, Justin, you’re in college, you owe Oratory nothing). While a friendly spirit, Justin should not be haunting the school paper, Quiz Bowl team, Music Ministry, and Model UN in his freshman year at William and Mary. How does a college freshman schedule allow for so much meddling in your alma mater (colonial Williamsburg is right around the corner and Busch Gardens is close by as well)? Even though sightings of Oratory’s version of Casper should be expected, they should not be as frequent as they happen. Through all this, the Oei-man has given great advice in the way only a true grandpa can. 

Giving seniors advice on colleges is a daunting task. Most of the time we don’t want to listen and the rest of the time we just suck it up and do application work. Justin tells us how getting rejected from a dream school (even though he got into his) should not deflate us and that we should know that it may be for the better (and I’ll say it again, you ED’d to William and Mary). There must have been something in those application essays to grease the skids. 

Even as COLLEGE FRESHMAN WITH ALL THE STRESSES THAT GO WITH THAT, Justin has still managed to find the time to review my Model UN position papers (getting help from a ghost is not bad, they tend to be good with Latin and writing). While this could be the result of not procrastinating, (which I doubt; Justin is the quintessential OP Man) I would assume he shouldn’t have time to read my ramblings on Sri Lanka’s cybersecurity network when midterms and essays are always afoot. To end, beware of Justin Oei sightings. While they are rare, they can bring you back to the age of the opera singer disguised as a cantor for mass.