New Fall TV


Luke Bernstein, Staff Writer


It happens every year.  You see the ads. Every cable TV channel is thinking, this is the year, this is the year that we finally conquer fall TV.  This time we got our new shows right.  Almost every year, ABC and CBS release four of five new shows that all seem to end up at the top of the ratings in their respective genres.. Some of these new shows are good and some of them, not so much.  

This fall, CBS released six new shows onto their network.  Three are comedies, two are dramas, and one is an action-adventure.  The Great Indoors, Kevin Can Wait, and Man With a Plan were CBS’s new comedic efforts.  Bull and Pure Genius attempt to keep you interested for the full hour and McGiver is a nice way to relieve stress by watching a U.S. secret agent attempt to keep you safe.  While all of these shows have many good premises, I believe that Bull, Pure Genius, and McGiver are CBS’s best new shows.  Michael Weatherly is brilliant again in Bull. Pure Genius keeps you entertained for the full hour through its mix of technology, and a bit of romance.  Finally, McGiver is just a cool remake of an awesome old show.

ABC’s has also leaped into the fall waters of TV with only five new shows.  Unlike CBS, two are comedies, 2 are legal dramas, and there is one political drama.  Notorious and Conviction are the two legal dramas and both seem to have a similar plot audience sector.  Designated Survivor has been the best new show on ABC by far as a mix of politics, world affairs, and troubles at home.  American Housewife and Speechless are both decent shows if you are in need of a laugh.


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