Is Aaron Judge Cheating?

Caden Breault, Staff Writer

During the last 2 weeks, Aaron Judge returned to the MLB and he has been outstanding. While batting .300, hitting 5 home runs, 9 hits, and 12 RBIs. But, during the game against Blue Jays, in the first game of the series, he was seen on the live broadcast looking over at the dugout. This caught the attention of the baseball world and was all over people’s Instagram, Tiktok, and many other platforms. As Aaron Judge claims to hear “Heckling” or “Trash Talk” from his dugout. Fans of other teams believe that he was getting signs, or information about the upcoming pitch. Judge claims he wanted to see who was talking in a game in which the Yankees were up 6-0. He then went on to hit his second home run of the game going 462 feet. The next day, Aaron Judge went 1-5 with 1 homerun and 3 strikeouts which caused controversy about whether he really deserved the MVP award last year.