OP Tennis Update

Colin Reis, Staff Writer

The season is underway for OP Racket. So far, the Rams have played four games. In their first match they played Dayton and were victorious. They won by a score of 4-1; Colin Reis, Josh Jones(by default), Sam Goodybody, Rome Brachfeld, John Shallhoub and Rob Massoroni all played for the W. Justin de Vomecourt came close in his 1st singles debut. 

Next the Rams faced Summit. This was not their best showing to be honest. Facing an extremely more skilled and seasoned team, the Rams lost 5-0. Tough day for the Rams. The guys however learned from this and would be facing Westfield, an even stronger team, ranking 4th in the state! Although the result was not what the Rams wished for, it was a much better performance from each of the guys. All positions won multiple games through the set. Not trying to justify a loss, the team agreed that they played the best they had all season. 

The Rams would next play GL, not only a team in their conference, but a considered rival. If the Rams won, they would have a very high chance of winning the conference. Everyone was ready and excited to play. However, it did not go their way. The Rams would lose 4-1, Sam Goodbody and Rome Brachfeld being the only team to win. Overall, the team was extremely disappointed and upset. All matches were kept close and 3/5 of the matches went to three sets. This a loss that simply is crushing. However, the OP Tennis knows what they did wrong and look to the future.


This week the Rams play Cranford(Tuesday), Kittatinny(Wednesday), and Cedar Grove(Friday). All the best to the boys.