JV Baseball Update: Why The Rams Remain Undefeated in Early Season

Ben Gaffney, Staff Writer

The Junior Varsity baseball team has shown great success throughout the first four games. To put it into perspective, the JV team last year started off much weaker, although they were also good. And although the JV Rams went deep into the county tournament last year, I think the JV team this year is far better. Therefore, in this article, I will look at the upgrades the JV Rams got. 

– There are more sophomores and juniors than freshmen:

A big problem of last year’s team was that the freshman weren’t prepared for the competition they were about to play in. Therefore, it took a couple of games for them to shine. This year, the JV team has a lot of returning starters like Jack Olohan, Brody Henderson, John Cooney, and Jalen Brogdon. 

– More pitching.

2023 JV baseball also has great pitching. The two aces are the freshman: Blake Duddy and Ryan Williams. But the returning sophomores can also pitch great like Jalen Brogdon, Jack Olohan, and Brody Henderson. If these pitchers can compete all the time, they can defeat good teams and win the county tournament. 

– Better hitting

Don’t get me wrong, the JV baseball team last year could hit. They would put up 12 runs a game easily. However, this year the batting order 1-9 can hit better and produce more runs. When there is a bad pitcher in, the other team will regret it. 

These are just some of the reasons why the 2023 JV baseball team is better than the former JV team. I think they have a good chance of going undefeated and winning the championship. However, that is just my prediction, I could be wrong.