Interview with One of Oratory’s Best Fencers

Marcus Lee, Staff Writer

With the OP fencing team closing out strong, I decided to interview Mr. Ryan Lebowitz, who was the star of the team this season without a doubt, about his thoughts about the season.

You accomplished many things this season. What are you most proud of?

  • My proudest achievement this year was getting 9th at states as an epee fencer. 

Who contributed most to your success this season?

  • My coach Sekou from Artdu fencing, the Oratory fencing team’s coach, was encouraging and supportive. He always gave excellent advice to everyone on the team and made the experience as fun and competitive as possible.

How did you handle the pressure to do well? Any trade secrets?

  • In my experience, I could only focus on the fencing match whenever I was fencing. I don’t think about anything outside the bout once I start fencing; I remain in the moment. 

As I’ve asked Brandon Scortino, what is the best way to improve fencing for any future fencers?

  • The quickest way to get better is to fence as much as possible. I started last year as an epee fencer, and during the off-season, I fenced as much as I could, even though I had other sports commitments. 

Any final thoughts?

  • For my last words, I’d like to encourage anyone interested in checking out the fencing team to do so. Everyone is very welcoming and supportive of one another, and who wouldn’t like stabbing people? (in a safe environment of course).