Did the New Avatar Live up to the Hype?

Eric Perez, Staff Writer

Now that the new Avatar is mostly out of theatres, the only question there is left to ask is, “did it live up to the hype”?  Avatar: Way of the Water took 13 years to come out and this is for a number of reasons.  The director, James Cameron, wanted this film to top the last and he wanted to accomplish that through stunning graphics and visual effects.  A main part of the reason it took so long to come out was because of both the length of the film and the fact that motion capture was used, on top of this, the post-production took three years to complete because of the laborious task of implementing visual effects and CGI on to the motion capture footage.

In all, these effects made for arguably the best visual movie of all time, and it has the awards to back it up.  The Way of the Water won 8 awards including movie of the year, best visual effects, and best director.  On top of this, the movie grossed almost 2.3 billion dollars worldwide making it the 3rd highest-grossing movie in just under 4 months.  On top of the visual effects, the storyline truly immersed the viewer in the world of Pandora.  It is safe to say that the second Avatar lived up to the hype with the audience score on rotten tomatoes being 92%.