A Battle of the Ages!!!

Kanayo Iwelumo, Staff Writer

Today at 3:00 pm our very own video game club had an exhilarating tournament, with gamers from all walks of life. With 17 entries, a swift start would commence and a power ranking would be drafted from our club leader, Marcus Lee and Mr. Kaounis; hard at work to create a fair and just sequence. A roster that will maximize the fun of both the novice and seasoned Super Smash Bros players alike. The first round went by swiftly, with mass eliminations, but as the rounds progressed… so did the sound of controllers slamming the tables and players being flung off of the arena. Through the series of 1v1s, I (the bottom seed) was sadly seeded next to a top-seeded player (through pure misfortune) which led to my untimely demise. However, the unfortunate got to battle it out in a loser’s bracket for a second shot at a gift card via Mr. Martin and a large amount of pre-paid tag days. The players had fought hard but had fun as the cafeteria was crowded with at least 5 people per T.V gracefully supplied by our very own school. Sadly, all great things must come to an end, as Juniors Marcus Lee and Ryan Farkas would battle it out in the final match. Marcus emerged victorious with Ryan giving up a fierce fight till the end. Although few came out of this ordeal victorious, we all had an amazing bout of fun battling it out with our fellow peers. We laughed and cried at our results, and cringed at our poor choices, but we were all together. That’s what Video Game Club is all about… grinding the struggles of a fake reality together, to help institute real problem-solving in reality.