OP Students Highlight Close to a Successful Close to LLS Fundraising

George Fagan, Staff Writer

From January 11 to March 4, several Student of the Year candidates across the state of New Jersey try to raise the most amount of money they can with teams they have built, in order to fund research for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. With there being several sections across NJ, Oratory Students would compete in the North Jersey section. The Juniors participating consisted of a joint team between Ronan Davis and Andrew Temo, with Josh Jones having a team as well. Sophomore Henry Bolster was also a candidate, along with class-mates Aidan O’Dowd, and Harrison Zabik – all of whom helped contribute to the grand total of $1.2 million dollars towards fighting blood cancer. These teams helped earn all their money through their hard work of establishing connections, selling LLS bracelets, and hosting events. One notable event that was held was by Ronan Davis and Andrew Temo’s team at The GrassHopper in Morristown, where they earned a couple thousand dollars for cancer research. Every team here at Oratory helped raise money through school with raffles, bracelets, and tag days. On March 4th, the day the fundraising closed, was the day the young candidates would learn the winner. Henry Bolster’s team would represent Oratory by coming in third place, raising $91,000. Henry would earn this achievement through working hard, and by emailing friends and family, reaching out to local businesses, and motivating his team, establishing himself with the characteristics of a young leader. Although the team had high hopes of possibly winning the whole thing, their hard work would not go unnoticed by just being so close. Aidan O’Dowd and Harrison Zabik, Josh Jones, and Ronan Davis with his counterpart Andrew Temo would also not go unnoticed with representing Oratory by their money totaling to tens of thousands. The winner of the entire event managed to raise 180,000, with second place raising 120,000. Although no one from Oratory came in first, they managed to represent Oratory well through their hard work and made our faculty, staff and student-body proud.