Hairstyles of OP Seniors

Kieran Bergin

Over the years there have been many interesting hairstyles modeled by the seniors. From Afros to Buzz cuts, Cornrows to combed over, I set out to find some of the best Hairstyles over the years. Sadly, there were not any bald or tik-tok worthy haircuts, but there were still some that turned heads. I asked the Journalism class some of the memorable haircuts that current seniors have worn over the years. 

They said:

Pete Dasilva

Cole Lilore’s short mullet

All the mullets

Armand’s mullet

Harrison Haircut last year

Bergin Covid fro

Beard Mullet

Dean Beardsley (numerous submissions)

Colin Reis 

James Dinapoli – post chop Senior year

Blaine with a mullet

Cole Lilore again- Jesus hair

The Oratory class has been filled with bad haircuts but also with some terribly short memories. Haircuts and styles have been lost in the wind. The tight combed look of old has given way to the new fluffy hair with middle parts or curls. However, there have been some trends like mullets and afros, and some people who have tried and failed to hop on them.