Not A Lot Better Than Art

Eric Perez

Mrs. Preston’s art classes are known to be one of the best parts of a student’s day – in fact, it is considered a fan favorite.  From Asian Art to Ceramics, Mrs. Preston’s classes will always boost your mood.  I can confirm this is true from taking her classes throughout freshman to senior year and it has been a blast.   Nothing is better than working on an art project every class for weeks and finally seeing your hard work pay off with a beautifully finished piece.   Art is also a great time to spend with friends with Mrs. Preston allowing chatting throughout the period between friends.  As well as this, she is open to student suggestions for what to do next in class, which really gives OP students a say in doing what they are interested in.  Her guidance is amazing and will allow any students who takes her class to excel, so even if you think art may not be your thing, you may be surprised by what you can do and how fun it is; I sure was.  All in all, art class is a therapeutic and relaxing part of the day and I believe that every student should give it a chance.  At first, I was skeptical of my artistic abilities too, but after my four years at Oratory, I can confidently say that Art class, specifically, drawing and painting has been my favorite elective that I have taken.