OP Swim Update

Charles Kline, Staff Writer

Since the last swim update, the team has been on a tear. After a tough lost to NJ.coms first ranked team in the state (Westfield)  the guys rallied for 5 straight, with a 90-80 win over GL, a 106-64 win over Elizabeth, a dominant 100-70 win over 6th in the county New Providence, a victorious senior night over Plainfield, 129-28, and a 117-53 win over Cranford. This week the team faces possibly their most important meet of the year, Scotch Plains-Fanwood. Scotch Plains barely beat out the guys for 3rd place in the county.


Against Elizabeth, the team won 106-64, going 1-2-3 in the 200 free, with Kline, Heffernan, and Gardner finishing in that order. The 200 IM went 2-3-4 by Paul Knecht, Henry Crowther, and Cathal Hislop. The 50 free was a 1-3-6 by Captain Will Foucher, Jark Larkin, and Tim Callahan. Captain Dylan Zwally led the 100 fly with a 2nd place finish, Conor Heffernan and Aidan Wizeman followed in 3rd and 5th. Will Foucher touched 2nd in the 100 free, with Luke Gardner and Ahadu Kebede finishing 3rd and 6th. The 500 free was won by Charlie Kline, with Brice Spreeman taking 3rd and Sean Naughter touching 4th. Paul Knecht got 2nd in the 100 Back. Brice Spreeman touched 3rd with Luis Cueva coming in 4th. Henry Crowther got 2nd in the 100 Breast, with Ronan Hamon and Ben Fenandoe finishing 4th and 5th.


In a highly anticipated faceoff against New Providence, the boys won 100-70, Charlie Kline cruised to a first place finish, whilst Conor Heffernan and Luke Gardner came 2nd and 3rd. In the 200 IM, Paul Knecht and Henry Crowther went 1-2 in a dominant fashion, with Brice Spreeman finishing 5th. Will Foucher finished 2nd in the 50 free, with Jack Larkin and Ben Fenandoe placing 4th and 5th. Henry Crowther, Dylan Zwally, and Cathal Hislop finished 2-3-4 in the 100 fly. In the 100 free, Will Foucher finished 2nd, while Luke Gardner finished 3rd and Luis Cueva finished 6th. Charlie Kline finished 2nd in the 500, Conor Heffernan finished right behind him at 3rd, and Ben Fenandoe at 5th. In the 100 back, Brice Spreeman won, with Dylan Zwally grabbing 3rd and Luis Cueva in 5th. In the 100 Breast, Paul Knecht won, while Cathal Hislop and Ronan Hamon got 3rd and 4th.


In a dominant senior night against Plainfield (129-28) the boys managed to sweep the relays, finishing 1-2-3 in all 3 – a near impossible feat to accomplish. Paul Knecht won the 200 freestyle, breaking 2 minutes for the first time, while Ahadu Kebede finished 5th. In the 200 IM, Will Foucher, Aidan Wizeman, and Tim Callahan finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Then in a close race, Dylan Zwally touched first, with Luis Cueva right behind him in 2nd. Ethan Gaston then touched 6th. Henry Crowther, Charlie Kline, and Aidan Wizeman finished 1-2-3 to win the 100 fly. As for the 100 free, Jack Larkin dominated the field for first, with Ethan Gaston and Ahadu Kebede touching 5th and 6th. As for the brutal 500 free, Will Foucher finished 1st, with Luke Gardner and Ben Fenandoe finishing 2nd and 3rd. Dylan Zwally capped off his senior night with a smooth win in the 100 Back, with Sean Naughter and Ben Fenandoe finishing 2nd and 3rd. Cathal Hislop out-touched Conor Heffernan for a win in the 100 Breast and Ronan Hamon finished 3rd.


Against Cranford the guys won in a 117-53 rout. After losing the 200 Medley Relay, the boys stormed to 10 straight wins and didn’t lose an event for the rest of the meet. The typical 200 free trio, Kline, Heffernan, and Gardner touched 1-2-3. Knecht, Crowther, and Spreeman did the same in the 200 IM. Will Foucher touched first in the 50 free, with Jack Larkin in 3rd, and Luis Cueva in 5th. In the 100 fly, Henry Crowther, Dylan Zwally and Brice Spreeman touched 1-2-3 in the 100 fly. Will Foucher finished first in a close 100 free, with Luke Gardner and Jack Larkin touching 4th and 5th. Conor Heffernan then won a close 500 free, with Cathal Hislop coming 3rd and Ben Fenandoe coming 4th. Paul Knecht won the 100 back, with Dylan Zwally finishing 4th and 5th, then Charlie Kline stormed to a win in the 100 breast, with Ronan hamon and Cathal Hislop finishing 3rd and 4th. The guys left this meet 6-1.