An Interview with OP Favorite, Mrs. Gribbin

George Fagan, Staff Writer

Over the years Mrs. Gribbin has been one of the favorite teachers at OP for her caring personality and passion for writing. Given her long tenure, Mrs. Gribbin has been able to find a true home here at Oratory. While teaching English, Creative Writing, Research Paper, as well as working with clubs – she is truly one of the students’ favorite teachers to be around. This past week I got to ask her some questions about what her time has been like at Oratory, and what are her favorite things to do?

What has your experience at Oratory Prep been like?

I have been at OP for 13 years now, and have basically taught the same things since I started.   I was nervous at first to teach in an all boys school, but I actually really enjoy it.  Less drama than girls.   

What class is your favorite to teach and why?

Typically Journalism – I love working on the publications with the seniors and seeing the different ideas that kids come up with each year.   Who else can say they get paid to pick out doppelgangers?

What is your favorite memory at Oratory Prep?

There are tons of funny moments with students over the years, and I’ve made some great friendships over the years with my colleagues.   I have lots of memories, but some of my favorites were of the talent shows, laughing back stage and just getting to be a part of the fun.   I really wish that students would sign up and bring back that event. 

Who is one teacher who has made an impact on you?

There’s been a lot, and I have learned a lot from my fellow teachers.   Mr. Martin is one who has probably taught me the most.   He gives great advice and is very easy to talk to.  I probably work closer with him than anyone because of all the activities, and I really do enjoy that aspect of my job. 

What made you want to be a teacher?

My mother was a teacher and always said I would be great at it, but I didn’t really want to give it a try.   After 9/11, I decided that I needed to find a job where I could really truly be happy, so I went back to school for education…. 21 years later, here I am.

What is your favorite hobby?

My kids.  I enjoy being with them and spending time with them at all their different events and activities.   I enjoy coaching cheerleading for my daughter and I run the program for Grades K-8 in my town.  As for something just for me …I love Peloton.   It’s nice to have something to do just for yourself instead of always worrying and caring about other people, too.