Something Strange is Happening Across the Pond

Michael Townsend, Staff Writer

The Home Office of the UK has been relocating large influxes of migrants for over a year, making some questionable choices along the way. However, this choice has been met with the most ridicule; the Home Office revealed a plan to hold 400 migrants in the small village of Creaton, which has a population of 550. Moreover, they decided to use the only major hotel in the region, the Highgate House Hotel.
This has horrified and angered the locals, who were never consulted on the decision and expect the influx as early as this month. Northamptonshire, Creaton’s county, is already infamous for taking in more migrants than any county of the East Midlands; locals argue that there are other areas that are under far less pressure from the record-level migration. With such a sudden spike in migration, the small village’s already-struggling medical services, transportation, and primary/secondary schools will ultimately fail and collapse. Local government will attempt to challenge this arbitrary contingency-accommodation plan, but previous legal challenges to the Home Office have usually proved futile.
Many Britons fear that plans to house large numbers of migrants in small, rural villages will become a pattern. With recent controversies, such as the notorious asylum center of Linton-on-Ouse, many small towns and villages dread the prospect of a surprise accommodation plan from the Home Office.