An Update on Clubs! Part 1

Kanayo Iwelumo, Staff Writer

Oratory Preparatory offers a wide variety of clubs that cater to the needs of almost every demographic of students! Clubs are what identify schools and bring together a sense of unity in a particular student body. Personally, I participate in three clubs myself, but there is always something that matches the fascination of even the most eccentric students!

For instance, I really enjoy the St. Philip Neri Club and the acts of compassion that are shown. Although I have not attended too many meetings, the club staff assemble and do great charity donations to broken communities (a H.U.G.S drive is a direct example in which hats, undershirts, gloves, scarves, and shirts which are slightly used are being collected, and properly distributed from Jan 9-18). I especially enjoy the Minyan services which give me time to meditate in our very own chapel… with its leaders being our fellow Rams!

Another example that I take interest in is the video game club. This week they held a little trading post for those who consider their past Pokemon cards of value. Moreover, the club has a genuinely great time battling it out whether it’d be on the Wii or the distinguished Nintendo console. I can not get the theme music out of my head, but I sure do love this club!

Furthermore, the art club has upgraded itself. As someone who is enthusiastic about the process of art, I could never really grasp the concept of holding a brush. Mrs. Preston & Mrs. Otterbein did not mind though as I began my journey as an occasional visitor in the arts of pottery. Luckily, the Art Club has gained the attention of Ms. Vicky Ledermen who yearns to teach our future generation about and how to decorate such a primeval art form.

All in all, these clubs and many more are what attract people such as you and me to such a well-put establishment.