The Tragedies of Elf on a Shelf

Blaine Chesnut, Staff Writer

The time has come. The time of year that every parent despises. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is Christmas time. The lights are coming out, the tree is coming out, and most importantly the Elf on a Shelf. Most kids can’t wait to wake up each morning and search for their little friend, the Elf. I know as a kid I had an amazing name for mine. Rip Arnold. What the kids don’t know is the behind-the-scenes of the new spot every night. I even heard Mrs. Gribbin brought out the ladder this year. She’s putting in the work for the mini Gribbins.
However, it is now time for my opinion on these little creatures. Personally, I let these stupid things determine my happiness in the morning. If Arnold was found, I was ecstatic. If Arnold was hiding too well, I would be miserable. Looking back now, Arnold was the most boring Elf on the Shelf ever. Sorry Mom and Dad but it’s true. Arnold never did any pushups, never played golf, and never even did any yoga. Now all I hear about is the constant complaining of parents not wanting to hide the little elves. A little advice, don’t listen to Mr. Gordon and just do it. Even as stupid as I think it is, your kids will never forgive you if you don’t do it. As some parting words, I leave you with this: Long Live Arnold.