A Field Trip to Remember!

Kanayo Iwelumo, Staff Writer

On October 24th, our very own Omega embarked on quite a trip to Rutgers University. What was to be one’s “run of the mill” lecture on journalism turned into so much more, as we grew as writers and ourselves as a whole. Upon entering the lavish campus, we were exposed to stone monuments of professional players and a ginormous stadium. We started off our day in the Busch location by exploring the barrage of fast-food restaurant chains in their very own food court. We were all very excited when we saw the Asian cuisine, Panera bread, the bakery, and most importantly… the oven-brick pizza place. As all good things must come to an end, we had to attend our first few workshops. We were determined to enhance our knowledge in such an interesting field.
I walked with a literal group of Sams as we made our way to investigative journaling. Essentially, we learned that our goal in specific scenarios called for a thorough investigation of the truth. He was a major reporter for Channel 12 News and sought to end notorious ongoing investigations. We found his class informative, but painfully long as we learned the professor’s time of arrival is always 15 minutes late. A teacher in the hallway (as the room was overfilled with students), was excited about this lecture and was telling us all about his reputation, but unfortunately fell asleep halfway through after downing her Panera muffin. Our next segment was all about “Politics in Journalism,” but the lecturer would persistently talk about writing about a pair of jeans. I feel as though we did not learn much here, and the class definitely belonged to a comedy schedule instead. Lastly, I went to a seminar in a well-conditioned room about “Getting Noticed,” and it was extremely insightful. We learned tips and tricks to keep readers engaged like competitions and other assignments for our viewers.
After a tiring day of workshops, we all managed to scrape away insight from our experiences, as they were all unique. We had a feast at the food court to conclude an awesome day and got to know one another better.