Open Gym Insider


Image courtesy of Robert Grasso

Ben Gaffney, Staff Writer

As a former freshman basketball player who is planning to try out once again this year, I have been going to the basketball open gyms. It has been fun and I have some insight into the season. First of all, many people have improved. Although Greg Jones was one of the best players in the program last year, he is still improving. Pat Conniff, who was one of the best players on last year’s JV team is still getting better and will look to be a leader and Gabe Costa is also a really good player with some flashy moves and a smooth jump shot. The freshman are very good as well. Brandon is obviously very good and once he recovery’s from injury he will be dominant at Oratory. However, there are other good freshmen such as shooter Will Kostka, who scored 31 points in a middle school game last year. We call him Mr. 31. Another good freshman is Robert Santoro. However, there is one guy that will bring great morale to the OP brotherhood. His name is Heff, AKA Ian Heffernan. The returning sophomore’s season highlight on the freshman basketball team last year is when broke a kid’s ankles with a nasty crossover and then put up a three. Sadly it did not go in, but now Division 1 player Tommy Conniff stood up and cheered so it was all good.