Interview with Meade Gibbons– Varsity Hockey Star.


Ben Gaffney, Staff Writer

In anticipation of the upcoming hockey season, I got a chance to sit down with left winger Meade Gibbons and ask him a couple question. Here’s what resulted of the interview.

  1. Playing at left wing, how many goals are you looking to score this year? 

Meade said, “You know it’s not always about goals, it’s about winning games and playing as a team.”

  • You had some great relationships with last years seniors who greatly impacted the team on and off the ice. Which seniors leaving will be the hardest to come back from?

Gibbons says that “we had some great leadership and two great captains, but the seniors that will be the hardest to replace are Matt DeAngelis and Tyler Gobel.”

  • When the rowdies come to the games do you play better?

Meade strongly thinks the Rowdies are needed at games. He says, “we feed off the energy. The more people the better.”

  • You had some tough losses last year, which game are you most motivated to come back from and win?

Meade thinks MKA needs to get beaten. That’s the game where the rowdies attendance was the highest last year. He says “we played them in the playoffs and there was a ton of bad calls from the refs.” This will only motivate Meade more this year. 

  • Who has the most drip on the team this year?

Meade says Andrew Temo has the best sty this year. He even said, “I have sty, but no one is as good as Andrew Temo.”