The Goal Post (Vol. 7)

Though the team’s defense position isn’t as important as a running back, wide receiver, quarterback, or tight end, defenses can help you get those extra points needed to topple your opponent in your weekly fantasy matchups. The problem is, a team defense may play a poor team in one week, but a competitive team in the next week. Assuming you don’t have a team defense like the Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, or San Francisco 49ers (who are basically matchup-proof and can be played weekly), I’m here to solve that problem by listing 3 of the top defenses you can stream during weeks 11 and 12 of this fantasy season. 

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(Ranked 7th) Ravens Defense: The Raven’s defense is on a roll as of late, scoring 14 points against the Browns and 11 points against the Saints. Not only have they played well, but up next in their schedule are two awful offenses. In week 11, they play the Panthers. Though the Panthers have DJ Moore and rising star running back D’onta Foreman on their roster, the Panthers’ quarterback play has been horrendous as of late – allowing top defenses (like the Ravens) to focus on stopping the run and the offense as a whole. This is where the Ravens will take advantage and pummel the struggling Panthers’ offense. In week 12, the Ravens are up against the Jaguars, who haven’t been able to consistently win games this season. The Jaguar’s offense, led by quarterback Trevor Lawerence and young running back Travis Etienne, Jr., hasn’t been terrible, but they haven’t played against a top-10 defense since week 4 (Philadelphia Eagles), which they struggled mightily against. If they had issues against the Eagles, they almost certainly will struggle against the Ravens, right? Lawrence will likely top off at around 16 points in this game and Etienne will probably struggle against the Ravens’ 3rd ranked defense against the run. Feel confident about firing up the Ravens’ defense over the next couple of weeks! 

(Ranked 4th) Jets Defense: J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!! The New York Jets defense has been electrifying this season, averaging 9.7 points per game – among the highest of all defenses. Led by rookie stud, Ahmed “Sauce” Gardner, AFC Defensive Player of the Month (October) Quinnen Williams, and former pro bowl linebacker CJ Mosley (who is 4th in tackles in the NFL), this defense has been shutting down teams, that no one, even me, expected before the season started. The Jets scored 12 points against MVP front-runner Josh Allen and the Bills, whose team is in first place in the AFC and seen by many as a favorite to win the Super Bowl this season. The Jets also scored 22 points against back-to-back MVP Aaron Rodgers, who was expected to lead his team to the playoffs this year but has been struggling since the loss of wide receiver Davante Adams in a trade during the offseason. In week 11, the Jets play the New England Patriots, who are last in the AFC East. Though the Patriots did beat the Jets back in week 8, The Jets are ready to dismantle this struggling Patriots offense, with mediocre quarterback Mac Jones and running back Rhamondre Stevenson being their only form of offense, expect this Jets defense to continue to play much better than anyone expected this season and even get the “dub” against Bill Belichick and his 5-4 Patriots. In week 12, they play the Chicago Bears, who as of late have been on the rise, but are nothing close to an elite offense. Quarterback Justin Fields, who seems to be getting better as the season progresses, just recently broke the record for most rushing yards in a game for a quarterback. Though Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears offense have been playing better, they have yet to face a top defense such as the Jets. Be prepared for 3-5 sacks and perhaps even a pick 6 from the Jets’ defense in week 12. 

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(Ranked 8th) Broncos Defense: This Denver Broncos team is hated amongst most football fans, mostly because their games have been some of the most boring to date this season – thanks to struggling (and perhaps injured?) quarterback Russell Wilson and head coach Nathaniel Hackett’s errors. Denver’s record, however (3-5) isn’t horrible – mainly because the Broncos’ defense, led by star cornerback Patrick Surtain and strong safety Justin Simmons, has been a force to be reckoned with. In week 11, the Broncos play the Las Vegas Raiders, who have been struggling in all facets of the game. Wide receiver Davante Adams and running back Josh Jacobs, who are having solid years thus far, won’t be enough to counter the Bronco’s defense. Patrick Surtain will likely lock down Adams and the Broncos’ defense will have enough weapons to focus on stopping Jacobs as the Raiders’ offensive line has been struggling as of late (recently allowing the Saints to completely shut down Raiders’ quarterback Derek Carr and the running game in a 24-0 defeat). In week 12, the Broncos play the Carolina Panthers (who I’ve already described as a weak adversary above). The Broncos’ pass coverage is among the best in the league – allowing the least passing yards per game thus far this season. DJ Moore will thus struggle and D’onta Foreman and Chubba Hubbard will be no match for the Broncos’ rushing defense. As Russell Wilson would say, “Let’s Ride” the Broncos to victory in weeks 11 and 12 of our fantasy seasons!