Ranking the Top 5 Halloween Candy

Colin Reis, Staff Writer

With Halloween just around the corner, candy seems to be lingering in the air. Candy is the true essence of Halloween. One day, after I finished a class assignment in Digital Photography involving food, a few of my classmates and I got to talking about our top picks with certain foods, with candy eventually coming up. To be quite frank, this was an extremely difficult decision to make. There are so many types of candy in the universe of candy. When going through lists, I didn’t seem to know enough about half of them. So when reading my top 5 candy picks, please keep in mind that I am not a candy fanatic. Rather, this list was based on my intellectual research and a bit of bias from myself and others. Most importantly, this list is based on the top candies to receive on HALLOWEEN, meaning that this is not a top 5 candy list.


Before getting into the Top 5, let’s look at the candies that just missed out:

Honorable Mentions

Twix– not a huge fan of Twix myself. I know this is a highly liked candy bar by most people. I think this might be the most popular candy that is given out by most people. Personally, I think it is overrated and spoken way too highly of

Jolly Rancher– this is candy I’m not even sure that would make Top 10. In an average candy bowl, Jolly Ranchers seem to be slowly non-existent. Jolly Ranchers are one of those candies that is very tasteful and on the safe side for allergies. It’s only downfall being it is not brace- friendly (believe me I know). 

Candy Corn– been on the steady decrease in popularity. Personally, I think you can only have a few before it gets old and the overpower of sugar kicks in. Yet, Candy Corn is one of those candies that has been part of the Halloween tradition. 

Without further ado, here are the Top 5 Halloween Candies

5. Snickers– not sure why this candy is highly praised. Got some backlash for not including this in my original draft. According to Justin Smith, “It starts with a rich, crunchy covering of chocolate. A creamy wafer base with peanuts and caramel all over. Just for the sweetest, most decadent treat”.

4. Starburst – This is a candy that is handed out by most households. It is simple yet complex in taste. Red and Pink are the best flavors. Can’t go wrong with them. The original flavors are the best ones.

3. KitKat– “Break me a piece of that KitKat”. How much better do you want this to get? There is truly nothing wrong with this candy in any shape or form.

2. Hershey Bar– this is a candy that just deserves to be here out of sheer respect. Hershey Bar is the foundation and true beginning for all Halloween Candy. Only bad thing about this is that most households hand out tiny pieces of it.


1.Reese’s– Do I even need to explain? Well, if so, Resse’s is a candy you can’t go wrong with. The allergy part of this is a problem (they might have a Reese’s that’s peanut free). If you have the opportunity, put your Reese’s in the fridge. Nothing more to be said.