Addressing The New York Mets Collapse (From the Perspective of a Mets Fan)

George Fagan, Staff Writer

Coming from someone who has been a Mets fan for almost all their life, this collapse of the Mets was almost bound to happen given the luck we have received through the regular season. The Mets this year were placed as high as #2 in the MLB power rankings out of all their counterparts in the league. Usually the season would be filled with giving up seven run leads, getting blown out by ten, and our best players getting injured. This season did not have much of that, instead it was the opposite with the examples of beating the Phillies by overcoming a 7 run deficit, throwing their second ever no hitter, and scoring ten plus runs a number of times. The Mets had everything set up for them coming into the month of September to win the division. With one series left against the Braves, they would later be swept resulting in them getting the fourth seed rather than the second seed. The Mets being placed in the wildcard would make for a game against the dangerous Padres instead of the Phillies or the Cardinals. The first game would be in the Padres favor, where Max Scherzer would give up three homeruns in a 7-1 Padres win. Although the Mets would win the second game, they would only gain one hit in a 6-0 Padres win. Sitting here like I always do in October, without Mets baseball, I have come to the conclusion that it was a good season despite the circumstances. The Mets were not clutch at needed times and instead they  “Meted.” I feel that we did not hit well at all and our star pitchers did not come through when we needed to, and Sholwalter did not manage the pitchers well enough. Although, The Mets went from 77 wins to 101, meaning the future is bright. They did not win a series they should have and was because of the bats absolutely being afraid to hit the ball. The fans were not into it, and the Mets left their supporters very disappointed early in games one and three. But….There’s always next year!