An Interview with Sophomore Soccer Phenom Brody Henderson

George Fagan, Staff Writer

This year, Brody Henderson has been a crucial player for Oratory’s varsity soccer team. This is why I am glad I was able to ask him these questions:

“How did it feel scoring that amazing toe poke against Johnson for the 3-1 1win?”- “It felt beautiful, I got us going in the right direction to win the game; I was very excited as it was the first goal of my career here at Oratory.


“How do you have the confidence to just go in and slide tackle anyone you want?”-I have been doing that as my main style of play since I was 2 years old, and it is just something that I feel is easiest to steal the ball from my opponents.


“Do you feel as if you will get another toe poke goal by the end of your career at Oratory?”- “Hopefully but who knows, as long as I do my job by helping the team I will be happy.”


“What is your favorite position to play on the pitch?”- “It has to be CDM because I get the chance to touch the ball quite often and participate in the game. It gives me the opportunity to give my teammates chances to score as well as protecting the goal on our side of the field.


“What has been your favorite game so far that you have played in whether it be from Freshman/Sophomore season?”-The season opener against St Peters, although we lost we played very well, and it was an amazing experience to play under the lights.”


“What is you personal feeling heading into counties about how you will play?”-I think that I have things to prove, especially after the game against Governor Livingston, as a team I believe we have things to prove and we should not be underestimated.”