Teacher Articles & Spotlights: Developing Chemistry

With the addition of many new teachers and departments at OP, I decided to take on the task of interviewing and questioning the development office. Although little is known about the office across from the reception and guidance office, it affects OP in a positive way. Recent polls show the development office ranks number 1 in the Oratory Prep department study and it can be much credited to new additions Mrs. Ream, Mrs. Finnen, and Mrs. Mason. I set out to find out why OP and many other questions about their time here at OP.

Why did you choose OP?

Ream – I used to be at SHP but left because of the overwhelming brotherhood and school spirit at OP. Welcoming staff and a small school atmosphere are a draw to the challenge of an expanding office growing alumni engagement and donor base. 

Finnen – I have had boys go through or currently attend; I want to help contribute to the amazing school, especially one that helps its students as much as OP does. Also, a fantastic alumni base.

Mason – I am returning after a hiatus and I wanted to return to a workplace that gave back to its students — I was looking for meaningful work experience and that is what OP offered.

What exciting things are coming from development?

Ream – Golf outing for alumni and others – 193 golfers. For the kids, the head of school welcome reception just wrapped up, but stay tuned for the future! Alumni events are coming up as well. The future is bright for the future OP Alumnus. Giving day is also on the horizon so be ready!

Mason – Head of school reception just finished which helped us meet new parents. Stay tuned for the golf event and the Giving Day!

Finnen – Crazy exciting things. I work with alumni, Oratory alumni club. Two events coming up – one in NYC Oct 20th, the other at beat and bowl after Thanksgiving, World Cup Watch Party. Things to look forward to after the students graduate to stay connected to OP.

Why is the development office listed as #1 in the OP Office Power Rankings?

Ream – The development office is special because we are gaining support from alumni and parents which allows us to do so much for the school. With a lot of energy pumping from the small team, everyone brings a new perspective and contributes. Mr. Donnely is leading the office with energy and high spirit and a great smile.

Mason – Sole purpose is to advance Oratory — something the other departments can’t fully say.

Finnen – OFC we are! The most fun and welcoming, and homemade breakfast snacks. The friendliest office — we help bring together the full graduate and current alumni, so if you need anything with that come stop by!

Which are your favorite alumni and what does it take to join the list?

Ream – Our volunteers are the best alumnus. Time treasure and talent are the most important.

Mason – Cannot say favorite alumni. Everyone has a strong connection to help me realize what a great place it is. 

Finnen – My kids are my favorite alumni, and anyone that I taught at St. James: they had the full experience!

Safe to say the best alumni are the ones that interact and help after they graduate. These three ladies and Mr. Donnelly  are leading Oratory to a bright future, especially one current Rams can look forward to.