Meeting Mr. Layton: Oratory’s New IT

Paul Bowen and Eric Perez

Meet the new IT at Oratory, Mr. Layton. Mr. Layton previously worked as a K-8 Computer Science teacher at Mendham County School. He said he did enjoy teaching but wanted to do IT, something he’s more interested in. So he decided to do what he wanted and came to Oratory. The students have only known him for about a month, so let’s all try to get to know him better…

We asked Mr. Layton why he had come to Oratory, to which he told us that it just seemed like a nice, peaceful place to work. When asked about what his favorite part of working here was, he said that having his own office is great, but what he really enjoys is how busy he is, saying he is “always doing something somewhere.” Mr. Layton is also into classic rock, with his favorite bands being Led Zeppelin and Thin Lizzy. So far, Mr. Layton has dealt with many tech issues here at Oratory; however, when asked about his biggest tech challenge here at Oratory, he responded with a printer issue he had. No matter what he did, the printer would not work, so he came up with a simple solution: throw away the old one and buy a new one.