An Interview With President Olahan

Ryan Santoriello, Staff Writer

We are a couple of weeks into the school year, how fun has being President been?

So far being President has been pretty fun. The Middle schoolers salute me every time I pass by them, which makes this commitment more meaningful. It’s a lot of work knowing that people are counting on me, but knowing that everyone respects me is a great feeling.

What are some challenges that come with this big responsibility?

As I said before, being President is a huge responsibility. Finding time to do homework, practice sports, and run the family ice cream business is a hard task. Adding the presidency and trying to accomplish everything I said I would do is definitely difficult.

How excited are you for Spirit Week?

I’m pretty hype for Spirit Week. The past three years have been toned down due to Covid. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a talent show in the past few years, but luckily we had the dodgeball tournament last year. This year I want to make it better than it has ever been.

What are you most excited about during spirit week?

 I loved the Talent show when we had it. There were lots of funny and fascinating acts. Obviously, the Dodgeball tournament is a fan favorite throughout the school. It has great upsets and amazing athleticism. In my opinion, Spirit Week is a time to show who you are.