An Interview with OPXC Captains – Tommy Hunt and Gus Russo

An Interview with OPXC Captains - Tommy Hunt and Gus Russo

Colin Reis, Staff Writer

         Cross Country. What a sport. In my personal opinion, Cross Country is a sport that is mostly based on how well you can handle pain. To be good in this rigorous sport defines what it means to be elite, which is why I am glad I was able to talk to these two runners. Not only are they the top two runners on the XC (Cross Country)  team, but they are also the captains of the elite squad here at OP. They are the  infamous and outstanding- Augustus “The Bus” Russo and Tommy “The Jet” Hunt. 

After a 100 mile run at practice, I was able to speak to both of these fine gentlemen and ask a few questions. After beating Tommy in a 100 meter race (“this is 100% not true”- Tommy Hunt while editing this paper), I asked him what his goals were for both the team and himself. He replied saying that his team goal is to defend Oratory’s title and repeat as New Jersey Catholic Track Conference (NJCTC) Champions in late October. I then asked him how important these new few months were to him. He replied saying that these next few months mean everything to him. The times he runs, the coaches he comes into contact with, the experiences he has as a runner, student, and as a person, will all mold what his future could look like.

         Tommy is a serious athlete that not only cares about himself, but also his teammates. However, he also has a fun side to him. This is why I was interested in his reply when I asked him a lighthearted

Far left – Tim Callahan – Oratory Gentleman (Image Courtesy of @OPXCMcCrystal on Twitter)

question: who on the cross country he would or wouldn’t let date his sister. He replied by saying, “If I had to let one guy on the team date my sister, it would have to be Tim Callahan. Although he only transferred in this year, he is already the embodiment of what it means to be an Oratory Gentleman.” One guy on the team he definitely would not let date his sister is Bobby Bajkowski saying, “Although Bobby is a good friend of mine – I care about my sisters too much for that”…. Ouch.  On a bus ride back to OP, I asked him if he had any final thoughts he would like to share. Unprovoked, he gladly shouted out Colin Reis. His exact words were, “As for final thoughts, I got to shoutout Colin Reis. He’s a great guy and is an absolute beautician on the ice. Buddy turns every game into an absolute barn burner, the only thing smoother than his game is the sick letty he’s got under his bucket.”   Personally, I like this response. Very Factual

Once back at OP, I saw Gus getting ready to run to New York City. Before he left I asked him what his expectations were for the team. He replied saying he wants all of us to come together as a team. He wants us to be a brotherhood. Push each other so each of us can get better. He wants each of us to work hard and be the best we can. This being his last season-  as he is a senior- I asked him what his personal

Image Courtesy of NJ Milesplit

goals were. He replied saying he’d really like to get under a 17:15 5k time. He’s been working really hard for it and this being his last season, he believes the time is now. Like Tommy, Gus is a great guy but also is a fun guy who always loves to have a laugh. I asked him who he would and wouldn’t let date his sister. The first response was that he’s absolutely let Dean Webber. Dean is the ideal OP gentleman. Surprisingly, Gus said he WOULD NOT let Tommy Hunt date his sister. That’s awkward…Before Gus ran off into the night, I asked what his final thoughts were. He replied saying that he’d  love all of the team to end the season with great times- wanting each of us to run personal best; he wants to make sure he leaves the Cross Country team in a good place. Gus also wants to teach the younger guys what he’s learned in his time here not only in XC, but at OP in general.  As the XC season continues, we wish these fine gentleman, and their team, a great season and the best of luck! Go Rams