An Interview with Young Phenom Runner Declan Kelly

George Fagan, Staff Writer

Declan Kelly has been absolutely crushing it in his rookie year at Oratory Prep. Declan Kelly is not just the absolute revamped version of Albert Einstein, but a new version of Usain Bolt as well. Kelly, the younger brother of Brain Kelly, is looking to take his brother’s legacy with him with three more years left on his contract here at OP. Declan Kelly has been most known for crushing it on the track and thrived in cross country. I got a chance to sit down with him and we talked a ton about this track season with him finishing up his first year. 

How does it feel to be on the track team?

“I am proud to be a member of the track team. It is a competitive environment, yet is fun and enjoyable; everyone on the team are great people.”

How does it feel to break a record and be successful as a track member?

“I thought breaking 5 minutes in the mile would not be something to come until the next few years, but it happened this year. I’m surprised at how successful I have been this year and it is a great feeling to be one of the fastest runners on the team.”

Do you think one day you will be a leader on the track team?

“I’d actually say I am already a leader on the team. At every moment I get, I am encouraging my teammates, helping them get better, and trying my best to make them feel like they are part of the team. In the future, I will run to be a captain on the team!”

What has been your favorite competition and why?

“The second meet of the year at Madison was my favorite. It was the first meet that everyone on the team ran in, and it showed talent and hard work everywhere. I also got a 2:10 in the 800 meters, which is my fastest time so far.”

What has been your most successful event so far?

“My most successful event this year is the 800 meters — my fastest time is 2:10. I think the 800 is the perfect mix of speed, endurance, and strategy in one race.”