Rams Golf Update

George Fagan, Staff Writer

The Rams’ young golf squad has been looking very promising through the first four matches. Being led by Clark, DeAngelis, and Callandriello, the rest of the team has been absolutely stripping the ball — whether it’s a match or game. The main four for the Rams have been veteran captain John Clarke, future captain Kieran Bergin, rookie standout Henry Bolster, and second-year superstar Dylan McNaughton. The team sits at 2-2 so far and, as stated in an interview with Bolster, “We definitely have not reached our full potential yet and we are definitely looking forward to our upcoming matches this week.” The first match of the year would be played at Westfields Ashbrook, but would be a disappointing nail-biter for the Rams. The second match was played under soggy conditions at the Rams’ home, which the Rams would walk out with the win. Clark would go one under along with a Bolster 42, a Bergin 44, and a Dmac 46. It would be a whopping win for the Rams by winning 169-203. The third would be also at Canoe Brook Country Club where most of the Rams would struggle except for Bolster shooting a very respectable 38. The Rams’ latest match would be against Union Catholic in which they would dominate and would bring them to an even record. The Rams have big matches coming up against familiar foe Dayton and across the street rival Summit. The Rams sit comfortably now, but these gents are nowhere finished and are ready for more to come.